Some of our reviews from around the Internet… (thanks for making us blush)

We are stoked to receive positive feedback from our diners.  Please take some time to read our recent glowing reviews and feel free to add your comments via Google, Tripadvisor or your favourite review channel.

“I was blown away by my entire dining experience at Inti. The wait staff were helpful and attentive, while each dish was almost too beautiful to eat.”

Lucy Eats (Food Blogger)

“Simply stunning food!!!!! The food is both unique annnnd on par with the very best dining in NZ i.e. Cassia, Sidhart, Pacifica Kaimoana etc. And the quality of service matches the food – casual but informative and attentive at the same time.”

Stu (Zomato)

“The food is magnificent, with barely a recognisable ingredient on the menu. The obscurities are a mix of Latin American standards and contemporary experiments — bread made with cricket flour, cactus guacamole, deep-fried avocado leaves.”

Jesse Mulligan (Viva Magazine)

“The ingredients were unusual, many that I had never heard of before but we had come looking for something uncommonly good and we were not disappointed! The mixtures of ingredients surprised and delighted.”

Geoffrey Parsons (Zomato)

"Food was presented better than a super fine dining experience, tasted even better and the bill was reasonable. Auckland has a great dining scene that just got better. Hat's off Inti - AWESOME!"

PeterGP71 (TripAdvisor)

“We all had a similar feeling – like we had been transported to South America on a culinary holiday, surprised and excited by all the interesting flavours, tastes and presentation. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, then Inti should definitely be at the top of your list!”

GeorgiEats (Food blogger)

“No matter what city we are in (in NZ or overseas) we always hunt out the best food and we now find ourselves lucky enough to have this fantastic restaurant in Auckland."

Stu & Jaimi (TripAdvisor)

“Being a kiwi who travels a lot, it's always nice to come home and find something new and spectacular - better than my overseas travels. That's how I feel about Inti after eating there last night.”

Carrie Grahams (Zomato)

“Inti was in a word: Incredible. From just entering the restaurant you really feel like you're stepping into a different world.”

Shannon C (TripAdvisor)